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The Public Transport Appreciation Society (PTAS) was commissioned for Unexpected Exeter 2013. Creating a pseudo hobbyist organisation, who's motto is to Make Travelling Better, the PTAS embarked for one week on a mission to help the bus travellers of Exeter enjoy their journeys. The PTAS could be seen jumping on and off buses, spending time at the bus stops and station and running regular tours of popular bus routes. Armed with Werthers Originals, prizes, games and merchandise, travellers were given the opportunity to join in and have some fun on their journey. 


Find out more on their website or find them on social media @PTASociety.

“I loved the gentle subversion of this intervention, the subtle coercion towards happy encounters inherent in the interruption of people’s everyday routines. There was a subtlety to the narrative and the jokes - ‘Phil Collins from the band Genesis, not Barometer World’ - that was very satisfying. Thoroughly enjoyable."

Belinda Dillon - Editor, ExDirectory

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