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Corporate Entertainment

Nuts and Volts can provide the unique element that will make your event the one to remember...

Our bespoke entertainment can bring humour, intrigue or a touch of the absurd to your conference, seminar, exhibition or any corporate or social event. Pseudo organisations like the Bureaucracy Bureau, The Grimby Tourist Board or the Public Transport Appreciation Society can deliver inspiring introductory speeches or gate crash your event. The Waiter Training Foundation can work alongside your catering team to bring a little surrealism to dinner or the Press Gang can mistake your event for movie premier...


We specialise in creating bespoke interactions for your event, for inspiration, continue reading or contact us to discuss in more detail.

The Bureaucracy Bureau

The BB or 'Red Tape Club' as they joke to themselves are on a mission to make the world safe. Armed with rolls of red tape and hazard warning tape, penalty warnings and stockpile of warning signs, The Bureaucracy Bureau take the safety of your event very seriously. Misplaced bags will have to have some hazard tape attached as they are now a trip hazard; people walking too fast or eating recklessly will be issued with a warning and the safety briefing is... thorough, to say the least.

The Grimby Tourist Board

The Chair of the Grimby Tourist board has been on holiday. They've been thinking.  What makes a pretty town like [YOUR TOWN] attractive to tourists? Grimby needs a boost, they want to raise the value of houses and boost the local economy. So they've sent a team to investigate... The GTB will ask questions, take photos and measure happiness levels with their Happy Meter. They also give an excellent presentation...

The Public Transport Appreciation Society

The PTAS just love public transport. With an extensive knowledge of local and international transport systems, the PTAS are true geeks.  Armed with quizzes, games, songs and a plethora of local knowledge - the members of this hobbyist organisation can turn their hand to promoting any brand, they make excellent stewards and always have Werthers in their pocket to hand out. 

The Waiter Training Foundation

Discontent with the level of waitering expertise, the WTF are always on hand to make sure your dining experience is up to scratch.  Bringing with them trainees from the WTF Academy, the experienced waiting gurus will be on hand to make sure their protégés are giving your guests the perfect experience.

The Press Gang

The local press are keen for a news story. Rumour has it that Brad Pitt will be delivering the keynote speech at your event.  The Press Gang are on it like a Gin and Tonic.  They are eager for the scoop and nothing will convince them that it isn't here...

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