Friday 23rd January 2015

in From Devon With Love at The Bike Shed Theatre

Nuts and Volts is in schism. The four original members are at each other throats citing creative differences. Jane and Charlie are rejecting the outdoor invisible theatre method on the ground of irreparable damage to their highly tuned vocal cords due to over exposure to the cold, while Fin and Rachel refuse to compromise their original vision and return their art to an indoor arena. Consequently, while the lawyers discuss terms, neither faction can claim ownership of the name 'Nuts and Volts' and neither are prepared to rest while the other is at work. Lucky Dip splits The Bike Shed Theatre's 'From Devon with Love' audience at random with one half sent out into the streets to experience 'Madame Poliakov's Bacchanalian Backalley tour' whilst the other half remain in the theatre for 'The Madame Poliakov method, an audience with her acolytes.' You can't choose, that's why they call it Lucky Dip, so take the plunge and hope you get the better show...

Buy your tickets now from The Bike Shed Theatre.  

They are £10 and you get to see the show before us too. So get there for 7pm to see Substance and Shadow's A Dark Dissection of a Mass Murderer.  followed by Lucky Dip at 8.15pm (it's only an hour-ish).